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Celebrating Independence- a display of loyalty, a cause of union

The tiny flag flaps around the city alleys, the rising ones on the roofs standing firm as an emblem of sincerity and security, the colours of the flag all around- the air is a sight of an admirable reverence.

Independence Days in our country, with all its traditional veneration, is an emotion that runs deep within. The memories of the festive vibe as a child, grows stronger as we age. As we truly understand what it means to have a shelter that we can call our own.

And imagine the love and longing when you reside in a different country than your own. The fear of blurring memories, the conscious efforts of trying to make it a special day and the constant guilt of not being able to instill the passion into your children – it is overwhelming.

Celebration is always an excuse to add something exceptional to a normal day. We decorate, we have fancy meals and we get together. 

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But staying in a foreign land where you don’t get a day off, where you might not be able to gather your loved ones around, where you might be restricted by Movement Control Laws, gifting is a gateway of honoring an occasion and reminding the receiver of the festival and factors that are common among you.

And who doesn’t love a surprise knock on the door, right?!

Then again, there aren’t much thoughtful and personalized gift options available that speak to us. That speak the language of our Nation. Even if we do decide to get a present for a friend or family, what puts us in a quandary is WHAT TO GIVE?!

Let me give you a leg up and help you through procuring the best and the most unique present this season.

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Find the perfect, most personalised, most relatable and pocket friendly gifts from Nabia CreatesBecause gifting should come from the heart. And that’s the magic potion of products behind Nabia Creates.This Independence Day let’s reinforce nationalism. Let’s remind each other of our antecedents. Let’s take National celebration a step ahead.