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Spotify Keychain


Our keychain art is a pocket-friendly version of our infamous Spotify glass art. Choose a song that brings back so many memories, and an unforgettable image. You can take it with you and it makes for the perfect gift.

Mention song name and artist
Insert song link
Either the background color can be black or white


The Spotify Keychain makes a great gift for any occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday. The keychain can hold up to 20 songs(you can make a playlist for this), loved ones favorite songs or even their wedding song! The keychain itself is super strong and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How to order:

1.Choose an image or a collage of upto 4 images, this is what’s printed on the front of your keychain. 

  1. Next goes a meaningful song & if you want to make it extra special. Design a playlist for the code to be used on the glass art. (Playlist must be designed on Spotify or Youtube & the link should be pasted as the song link)
  2. Choose between a black or white color keychain.

Care tip: Keep away from sunlight & water contact

Size: 2 x 1.25 inches 

Packaging: Comes in a gift box, with a personalized thank you card.